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The Companies Machineries and Equipments consist of

1. 55 HM,LD and PP Blown film extruders
2. 36 Bag making machines of various brands and caliber
3. 16 Printing machines of flexo and Gravure.
4. Lamination Machine
5. 3, Three layer Windsor extruders
6. Corrugation unit
8. Ink unit
9. Master-batch unit with Windsor extruder
10. Injection Molding unit.

Our Strength :

A well trained and dedicated worth force managed by efficient managers under the guidance of experienced and professionally qualified directors with the backup of sophisticated equipments and superior imported materials forms the strength of the company. The additional strength of the company is that everything required for the manufacture like printing ink, master batch and corrugated box is manufactured in home by the company itself. This makes our manufacturing process free from external market fluctuations and instabilities and also enables the company to meet the schedule in-time. With all this the company is capable of meeting any challenging task regarding flexible packaging manufacture. Moreover the company is having 2 SUZLON make windmill with the capacity of1.25 MW each, which helps industry in reducing its power cost. Last year we have been awarded by Commerce Ministry for best E.O.U in plastic products in India. Our company is capacity of 40-50 containers are exporting every year to Germany, France, U.K and South Africa Market and in domestic market our esteemed customers are Reliance Fresh, Spencer’s, Britannia, Heritage, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Saravana Store, Big Bazaar etc.

Quality Policy :

The company follows a systematic and stringent quality control. Separate quality control inspectors are appointed for each department who work round the clock in shift to check the quality of each and every product which passes out. Every roll extruded is checked up by quality control inspectors, of extrusion department. each and every carton packed with bags is snap checked by picking up one bunch at random and checking the quality. If the bunch fails in any one of the test, further investigation is carried out and in case of any quality failure the box itself is rejected. This system ensures that no defective product is passed on to customer.