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Blocked Bags

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HDPE blocked bags

Our Natural Blocked Bags can be used as an alternate to bags on roll especially in groceries. They have a clearly visible block to write numbers, content details and other information. These disposable bags are easy to open and close and are transparent. They are ideal for containing newspapers and fresh food.

HDPE Blocked Bags Printed

Our HDPE white printed Blocked Bags are moisture and grease proof, freezer safe, flexible and leak proof. In addition to all these we can supply white printed blocked bags which can be used by companies to generate exposure for their products and services. These blocked bags are resistant, durable, opaque, suitable for heavier contents and are useful in volatile environments where there is exposure to high temperatures and chemical exposure.


HDPE Save blocked bags

While our vest type bags are ideal for immediate use, these HDPE natural save blocked bags can be hung on a peg and used repeatedly. They remain as good as new, environment savvy and transparent. Ideal for those who like to label their bags for convenience and use the same bag several times!