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Flat Bags

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LDPE Flat bags

Our LDPE Flat Bag is a strong plastic bag designed to handle wide range of applications. These bags are good for using in food storage by home kitchens, hotels, bakeries and industries. These LDPE Flat Bags can also be heated to seal to retain freshness of the product and further to avoid tampering. There bags are moisture-resistant and odor-proof and comply with the food packing industry regulations. They come in various custom-designed sizes.

HDPE Flat Bags

Our HDPE Flat Bags are designed for usage in various industry segments such as hotel industry, food industry, stationery and other products. They are moisture-proof, odor-proof, and environmental-friendly. These HDPE Flat Bags are also useful for storing and protecting products and materials of all kinds. These bags are made of high impact strength. These are available in various sizes and thicknesses on order.